Using a tanning lotion is an essential element to achieving the deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan possible. The tanning lotions that we carry have an immense amount of skin care ingredients to maximize and maintain your perfect tan.
There are 4 main types of tanning lotions: bronzer, intensifier/accelerator, coolant and tingle. We have a great selection of all lotion types in bottles and packets, so you can find the perfect lotion for your individual needs.
If you have any questions, call or stop by the salon to ask one of our skin care professionals.


  • Without lotion, UV rays take 7-10 minutes to penetrate dry skin
  • Tanning lotion replenishes moisture
  • Increases melanin production to help speed up the tanning process
  • Deeper color in fewer sessions
  • Extends the life of your tan

Did you know that UV light bounces off of dry skin?
It takes 7-10 minutes for UV light to penetrate dry skin and only 30 seconds to penetrate moist skin. Moisturized skin tans better and keeps your tan longer. If you are not using a tanning lotion, you are only getting 30% of your tan!


In Georgia, all UV tanning requires eye protection. We have a selection of disposable and personal eye protection to maximize your tanning experience.

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